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Academic Support

Student Assistance Team

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) collaborates as a proficient group of problem-solvers. Utilizing the SAT framework, team members acquire the ability to identify underlying factors contributing to a student's academic or behavioral difficulties. This enables the team to develop practical and classroom-appropriate interventions that address both learning and behavioral challenges. Any teacher from West Maple Elementary School can refer a student to this team. The primary objective is to devise strategies that enhance students' success in the classroom. Classroom teachers play a critical role as esteemed participants within the SAT framework, fostering an environment where staff members work collectively towards resolving student obstacles.

The SAT model upholds research-based intervention strategies aimed at facilitating student accomplishments. If you have any concerns regarding your child's academic progress or behavior, we encourage you to reach out directly to their classroom teacher for assistance and guidance. Members of the SAT comprise not only classroom teachers but also include various support staff listed below who contribute their expertise in supporting all students' needs effectively.

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What Information Is Considered?

The Student Assistance Team carefully considers standardized test scores, classroom assessments & assignments, parent & family input, current grades, teacher observations, and additional school records.

How Can Parents & Families Help?

Parents & families can maintain good communication with the classroom teacher, provide parent input to the Student Assistance Team through the teacher and continue to support their child at home with suggested strategies. Please refer to the Family Resources tab for additional information on how you can support the learning outcomes of your child. 

When Do Teachers Refer Students?

Teachers refer students to the Student Assistance Team when they have implemented several strategies, but the student is not meeting developmental, academic, behavioral, and/or social expectations.